The Importance of Food

Do you find yourself getting tired as the day wears on? Do you feel exhausted after physical activity? Do you feel irritable at the end of the day or famished come dinner time? If so, it could be as simple as a need to feed your body more properly.

A dietician I once worked with when working in Eating Disorders treatment, told me that your brain begins to starve after not having food for 4 hours and that your brain and body function best when being fed at least a snack every 2-3 hours. Our culture is not well disposed to this kind of eating pattern, however. We often rush out the door, missing breakfast. And many times we eat more than enough at meals to feel uncomfortably full, or we simply wait until we feel extremely hungry to eat, or we get wrapped up in what we're doing and forget to eat.

I was lucky on the breakfast front. My mother always said, "It's the most important meal of the day," and made sure I ate every morning before taking me to school. Breakfast is a habit for me. But eating smaller meals with snacks in between? That definitely took practice. I was used to eating only three meals a day with maybe one snack and/or dessert. But this often left me with being so hungry when I got home from work that I had to eat right then and there or else become quite grouchy. Getting into the habit of having nutritionally balanced snacks between meals has left me with more energy throughout the day, less irritability, and I almost never feel that FEED ME NOW feeling.

We can all benefit by giving our bodies the proper nutrition. Snack, get in all your food groups, and drink plenty of water. That can sound simple but for many it's not either due to lifestyle reasons as noted above, or due to deeper reasons. If the reasons behind not feeding your body properly are deeper, you can find ways beyond food to find the sense of control and happiness you seek. Ask me how, give me a call or leave a comment. May we all enjoy a happy, healthy, balanced life full of joy. You deserve to feel good!